Friday, February 1, 2013



As the title says i'm super SUPER lazy with updating. 

Had my worst and hardest month ever, graph below. Wanted to grind before vaction 120hours, obv failed. I was sick and out of computer 2-3days. After that 2 days flying and finally in Singapore (for 1month) .. pics beloooooooowww.

Let's start with poker:


Hours: 191.08

Rakeback and bonuses:   36267x 3,5 = 126934,5 fppd = 2030,952$ + 400$(stelllars)

Okey overall was : 1899,40$

Now ive been in Singapore bout 17 days, and its awwwww sooooo sooo beautiful and hawt and awesome.  

As you can see :P


After hard day ;)

Yeah yeah yeah and Band of horses live :)

Oh and ..


Alrighty, maybe trying to do some videoblogging next time or .. will see.

cheers =)


  1. Sorry for your bad month... What are you doing in singapore? GL to you in february.... I hope you crush the games.

  2. Is that picture you? I always thought you were a cute girl!

    Who is the girl in your avatar?

  3. semi-vacation, grinding and chilling :)

    Hah, you'r not first one pita ;) This girl is estonian singer "getter jaani"