Saturday, March 9, 2013


Warning - my english is teh worst! Don't be mad, mostly pics (phew).

Story about the Singapore trip

Picture before flight in Helsinki (Finland) airport.

 Quick grind

First day was the hardest! Arrived, rainy weather, luggage, so so many people and peak hour.

Finally arrived to our rented room. Relaxed little bit, and went to foodstore. After that sleep.

Morning - quick grind obv.

But I needed extra monitor so we went to city center and bought some cheap Dell 23" monitor.

Looks nicer than before!

Week days were pretty standard, my friend went to work and I grinded all day long.

Basically there were so so much to do, first we went out every night because food was cheaper than buying the storefood. After that we went to shopping, concert, chinatown, or somewhere else. 

Weekends - unfortunately didn't grind much BUT my friend was free to go everywhere..





Or million places more?

At the end of trip we went to Marina Bay hotel, google it please!

Overall the trip was super good, had very good time until downswing hitted my mind :D

Hopefully gonna start updating more and more my blog, atleast 1xper week. Take care :)


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