Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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 Has been almost 4 weeks from last update, why Im so lasy with updating.

Anyways, it has been hard time for me..

  • at the beginning in thailand
  • swings
  • downswings
  • gurls
  • setup
  • living
  • visa-run
  • non-sleeping
When I was in Samui I didnt sleep and played all night long. After that early morning came to koh phangan ... aaand obv didnt sleep until midnight.

3rd day we moved into our houses -

5th day I met a guy from 2p2 in Samui and bough a monitor - 

 Setup at the moment

When I came here, my plan was to over-stay (visa thing), and pay 500€ for that. But I met a really good person and we talked little bit about life and people, about mind and ppl mindsets.. and he told me that im not doing anything bad, but I cheat when im overstaying here and maybe it can hurt my mind. Thinking everyday like : "omg, what happens when.." etc.

After that I decided to go to Malaysia and do legit visa-run, what I did. It was 18hours trip to Malaysia, 10h staying there and 18h back to home. Felt really good after that, and now I can freeroll 3months ^^

So what else has been happening.. gurls

oh, let me skip this 

swings, and downswingaments. well, everyone know that swings can really crush your mind little bit. But If you work really really hard on your game (which I do NOW!) things gonna change soon.

Maybe gonna talk about that later, in next post. Adding some threadsavers:

See you soon :)

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  1. nice house man! the only problem with overstay is that if the police checks your passport you go to prison for some days and have to leave the country as far as i know. if u just leave the country without getting cought, u have to pay 500B for every day overstay. the money is not the problem, but they will writ it down in the computer and if that happens too many times u might get blacklisted and can never come to thailand. a friend of mine who lives here for some years always made visatrips to cambodia or laos, but they are annoying and we both got our education-visa now. the education visa is for one year and u can make 3 for english and 7 for thai. so basicly u can stay legal for 10 years. if u want to stay longer u can get a buissnes visa.