Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oeh..the updates, one time..keep going?

                    Heya boys and girls!

I wanna make it really simple: just please update your blog once a week with pictures, fun stories and some pokerstuff.

Im living in Thailand, so You should expect more and more and more updates right? Yes

BUT, Ive been lazy. No motivation, no goals just boring life. Atleast this month.

Okey, I'm moving to past. Lets take last month - September!

Started with my trip to Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. I was doing visa run, not much talk about KL. I didn't have much time to look around + the city had massive traffic, so I stayed at hotel most of time and grinded before semi-vacation.

Some pictures from Kuala Lumpur.

Subway airport to citycenter (35 Malaysian ringgit ticket)

Searching some place for staying :/

Finally got it, view from hotel window

Business street

 Big electronic store/mall

That was good!

 New hotel, better wifi, making some $



Streets #2

Streets #3

After Kuala Lumpur went back to home, Koh Phangan (L). Relaxed/grinded few days..

and moved out to Ko Samui

and we rented sweet villa in Chaweng

I don't have much more pictures because I was really lazy doing it :( 

I met new guys/grinders from England

Picture is taken @ Icebar

And played football with Slovakians

We had great time together, like watching thai-boxing..

I will continue posting pictures and pokerstuff in next post, i think its too much in this one :D



  1. moar !
    and moar graphs plz :-)

  2. Good Stuff. Koh Samui is cool. I've been to that ice bar.Its pretty small but fun. I think they had a life size Ice 3-wheeler in there that u can sit it