Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The past, now and the future vol.1

Hi guys!

It's been a while since my last update. A lot of things have happened, so I have a lot to write.

Since I moved into Chiang Mai (Thailand), it's being hard/hardest times for me. First of all writing little bit about poker. Long story short, been running awful, playing awful and the results are awful. Basically for me 3 months breakeven.

Got bored by playing fullring, so I decided to play 200NL 6m zoom. Watched videos, studied every day. Obiously for fullring player thouse swings are crazy, and my mindset wasn't ready for thouse ones.

Definitely some hands are missing + one day was FR200zoom running so.. results are down here:

200NL Zoom 6m

After this I moved back and back between Zoom and FR, my head was going to explode because I really didn't know what to play. I really love agression and Zoom, but mindset cannot handle with thouse swings.

Anyways, for confidence I played FR and time to time Zoom 100NL 6m. Here's Zoom 6m 100NL graph

100NL Zoom 6m

Moving on, writing little bit about my life and what's been happening past 3 months.

Moved into Chiang Mai at the beginning of October. At first I didn't know anything about Chiang Mai, all I knew was that everyone told me that this place is perfect for pokerplayer. So we arrived to CM, and moved into Smith Residence which is located 1-2min from the gate (city central). Location was really good, really didn't need to rent a bike which I did. Few times out, meeting with Chiang Mai grinders and moved at the end of October into grindershouse.

How my setup looked like:

House was awesome! Everything brand new, everything! Location little bit outside from city, which is good for grinder like me. Maybe few weeks later my friend from Estonia named "RudiTurbo" arrived to Chiang Mai for visiting me and my friend. Before going to Bangkok we went out with bunch of people/grinders. Good times, until my heart saw amazing beautiful girl and I was fistbump in love... Last time it happend 7-8years ago.

Anyways, obiously being with girl took my time and had to say "good bye my sweet volume". I didn't put much volume after meeting/being with girl. We had so much great time together, and still have ;) I will post some pictures here down below:

Outside form Chiang Mai city.

Loy Krathong festival.

Visiting Hua Hin, and had some relaxing time.

Before Hua Hin, we visited my friends from Estonia in Bangkok. Had good times, but still unhappy with Bangkok and proud of myself that im living in Chiang Mai.

Before Im talkig about other Island trips I wanted to write about what happend before that. Few days before meeting with sister and parents we went out with girl to market place. Lots of food, clothes and everything cheap. Was asking from girl about one husky dog week before we went to market and when we get there I saw they are selling ones. Was soo stoked and didnt believe myself of buying one.. which I did. Went back to home and suprise suprise, house rules were saying "no pets", unfortunately. So we had to move out as soon as possible, if I wanted to keep the dog. Thank god I got amazing gf who were searching in her home area some houses for rent and found one. Next day we went to look and took it. The price of house is insane - 230€month. 3bedroom, kitchen, BBQ area, parking area (closed with gate), 2 toilets, living room, + furniture included. Still very happy about this one, I will post pictures in my next post.

Trying to do it after few hours or later today. About my blog and blogpost: I will keep this blog alive, cannot happen like it happen before. I will update it weekly, maybe even more!



  1. how much does the apartment rent cost?

  2. In Chiang Mai really depends where you wanna stay and live. If outside from city it will be cheaper and more quitet. For aparment it will be 4k-25k (apartment), in the city probably 6k+.

    The best way to get apartment you will need to have some thai friend/gf or whoever speaks thai. Prices for tourist are always more expensive, also can be like this - they are saying apartment rent is 10k and you make a deal, and next month they say "oh you have to pay more now, because the price increased.

    Hopefully it was helpful for you. And dont forget, really depends what are you looking for :)

  3. Very good blog .

    You can add me to your list of blogs? thank you, GL