Thursday, January 23, 2014

The past, now and the future vol.2

 In my previous post I didn't mention that English is not my strongest side.

I will make as soon as possible some new pictures from my house, until then going to talk little bit about the Islands what did I visited last month.

Chiang Mai to Hat Yai, Hat Yai to Pak barra, Pak barra to Koh Lipe. 

Chill at the beach

Few pictures from the bungalow where I stayed 3nights.

Can obviously grind there aswell!

After Koh Lipe back to Hat Yai airport, flight to Bangkok, Bangkok to Ekkamai station, Ekkamai to Rayong. All this took 15hours, and still didn't get there where I wanted. It was midnight and I was lucky that I asked some info from local farang. He told me that you'll need to walk 50m and you'll see the hotel!

Hotel, 1night in aircon room was 400baht, which is 9€ (tho fan-room was 300baht)

 Bed wasn't that great, BUT..

You can always relax and watch some TV!

Next morning I arrived to Ko Samet

The island was mostly full of tourist stuff, expensive as always. The beach was nice :)

2nights there and finally before New year back to home! Wasn't good start of the year because made some problems with my girl, that happens and lots of other interesting info from her which made my work little bit harder than I was expecting. You can't grind when you're trying to fix your IRL problems, or having some issues outside from poker.

I setted decent goals for the year/month and after thouse problems was really hard to start working, studying. So that's why I said before that having some hard times in real life and online.

Luckily im almost in the pace of my goals right now and everything going better than before. Writing down my monthly goals down below:

[ ] 200-250 hours
[ ] Down to B-game
[ ] Back to 200NL
[ ] 2h+ handreview per week (4x month)
[ ] 10-12 pokkerivideos (3x week)
[ ] 100,000+ hands
[ ] 45k vpps (35-40k would be also good)
[ ] Write down the financial outlay
[ ] View my process
[ ] Weekly plans & goals
[ ] 20hours of mindset videos (5h per week)
[ ] Reserved time 1-5h day (mostly 1-2h)
[ ] Communication
[ ] Quit smoking
[ ] Mental game of poker (read again and conspect)

I'm looking them right now and can say atleast 75% going right was as I wanted.

Alright, that's enought with this post. On my next post I will try to write more about poker and post some interesting hands from this month.

Cheers, and good luck with your plans and goals!

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