Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3days goals results and holiday

On my last post I posted some goals before holiday -

[x] 24+ hours
[x] Hit gym 1x
[x] 15k hands
[x] Not spewing, and mark up if I do so
[x] Warm up before hitting tables
[x] Mark/post hands to skype

Basically YES, I did it!

Hands: 14694
Hours: 24,48

Tried many times to update blog, but was almost impossible (had only mobile internet and no time for internetz). Also didnt look skype 5 days and facebook maybe 10mins. Had extremly good time in Koh Phangan. Arrived home ~6hours ago, cleaned house and grinded. Now little bit tired for big update so I will finish this one with pictures from holiday.


Will update when having something good to post. 

Cheez and good luck at the tables =)


  1. subbed!! cool pics!! best of luck and all the best!!
    in case u r interested in a fishy blog, check out iluvthrill.blogspot.de ;)

  2. Hey man just came across ur blog, What lens are you using for these photos?

    The lens for this photo:

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