Sunday, February 2, 2014

January goals and results

I really wanted to update blog but didnt have time to do this, so I will trying to quickly review January, talk little bit what happend last week and move on to February.

As I writed before, hardest times in my life. Poker and real life - thouse two things can really mess up your mind/set, espesially when all bad things happening together.

My January goals /and results [x] or [ ] or [-] semi 

[x] 200-250 hours
[x] Down to B-game
[ ] Back to 200NL (did few shots :))
[Did HH reviews, but not as much as planned ] 2h+ handreview per week (4x month)
[-] 10-12 pokervideos (3x week)
[ ] 100,000+ hands
[x] 45k vpps (35-40k would be also good) - 41640,35 vpps
[-] Write down the financial outlay
[ ] View my process
[-] Weekly plans & goals
[-] 20hours of mindset videos (5h per week)
[x] Reserved time 1-5h day (mostly 1-2h)
[ ] Communication
[ ] Quit smoking
[-] Mental game of poker (read again and conspect)

Week ago I started working out again (gym), and started eating healty food. Theses are probably my best news from January. Saying 90% bye to sugar, and 100% bye to smoking. Will let you guys know when Im done with these things. Trying to hit gym over day, and doing some picture-updates as well (when I got something to show).

To end up post nicely I will add some pictures:


Will do February goal-list post tomorrow! Until then,

cheers and good luck with your goals and plans!


  1. good luck in february. Did you get a puppy? He is soo cute.

  2. Yes, shes mine ;) Thanks, and good luck to you tooooo :))

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