Monday, February 3, 2014

February goals and plans

  We got 28 days in February and hands/volume not gonna be higher than it was in January. After all thus swingy days in real life and online I decided to go to back to Koh Phangan for few days with my girlfriend. Going on 7 and will be back 11 feb. Between those dates I will focus more on studying/reading, definitely gonna put some hands in it but mostly what I do - RELAX. Going to visit/show best places in Phangan and enjoy the beach.. mmm, DO WANT already!

Lets get into goals:

[ ] I will be happy when I do at least 150hours (200h would be awesome!)
[ ] Quit smoking!
[ ] Down to B-game
[ ] Back to 200NL
[ ] HH- reviews (2h per/week)
[ ] 80,000 hands (100k would be awesome!)

[ ] Write down the financial outlay 

[ ] View my process

[ ] Weekly plans and goals

[ ] Mental game of poker (read again and concept)

[ ] Communication
[ ] 20 hours of mindset videos (5h per week)
[ ] Reserved time 1-5 hours a day (mostly 1-2hours)

Really not sure about getting everything done, but I will try my best and keep my blog updated.

To keep myself motivated I mostly visit (links below) those 2p2 blogs :

Ben (100 and 200NL fr)

Magorko (500 and 1000NL 6m Zoom)

Pat (200 and 500NL 6m Zoom)

Zaza (1000NL 6m)

AlexTrev (2kNL+ 6m)

PokerRon (100NL FR)

Cheerz and have a great sunny day!


  1. what do you mean with '" communication " ?

  2. By that I mean, contact/talk with my parents (skype calls), friends who live in Estonia and some other friends who are around the world. Sometimes, more than sometimes that happens a lot with me that I just ignore my friends whos trying to talk with me in facebook or skype. I really dont have time and forget.. so yeap this one really hurts sometimes when I feel/do like this.

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